The best aspect of kiteboarding; There is always room for progression.

Doesn't matter if you are a beginner finding the right stance on your board, struggling to ride upwind, getting your first jumps or going for your first handle passes.

We have been on the water for years, pushing ourselves to progress more and more and we would love to help you for your next step.



Advance  Kiting can  take you from    daydreaming about kiteboarding    to making your  first rides; quickly comfortably  and safely.

Learn to pick a spot, read the wind and  fly a power kite. Then move on to body dragging, the board starts and downwind riding. You’ll be riding as you dream about just in days.



You finished your beginner lessons and  got familiar with kiting.  However, it is not possible to grasp all the details  of that sport during a beginner course.

Join our advance courses to improve  your jumps,  try your first transitions and rotations,  focus on cool old school tricks  or ask your coach about how to loop your kite.



Freestyle coaching  is the ideal choice for those who are looking for learning to unhook,  mastering their freestyle skills or riding waves, strapless.

Advance  Kiting provides you everything to work on the skills  you would like to master. Those hands-on sessions will  boost your freestyle level to the maximum.