Don't let kiteboarding to become easy and boring ...

You’ve been happily ripping it up at several of your favorite spots.  Kiteboarding is starting to get easy.  Too easy!  Time to STAND UP AND GET YOUR PROGRESSION!

Whether you want to surf big waves with your kite, do advance tricks, get bigger jumps or ride more stylish than you thought possible, Advance instruction is by far the best way to learn the big stuff.  You can even customize your lesson if you just want instruction on a specific trick or on riding a new craft such as a directional board.  Working one-on-one with your instructor, probably riding together with him, you’ll progress faster than you thought possible, 

bubi advance_12.png
  • Advance courses are minimum of 2 hours.

  • Minimum level required: Upwind Riding

  • GoPro video lessons and wireless in-helmet communication are available for advance lessons.