The expert in anything was once a beginner ...


Kitesurfing might have and unfair reputation of being hard at first. but with expert coaching you will definetly progress more quickly than you might think. Advance kiting is ready to teach you everything from scratch. When you are done with the beginner program, you’ll find out which spot is safe to ride,  how to control a power kite and you will definitely be able to ride both sides !

Advance kiting beginner kiteboarding program runs by two hour sessions. Depending on how fast you progress, it roughly takes 6-10 hours to complete. Since the beginners need intensive care and attention, private (i.e. one-on-one) sessions will be the fastest way to learn kiteboarding with us. You can also choose semi-private sessions (i.e. group lessons as one instructor and two person). Here is what you will learn from Advance Kiting beginner program on each session:


Session 1 begins with spot assessment, reading the weather and safety procedures. Then you’ll learn to fly a trainer kite in order to understand the fundamentals of kiteboarding. Once you are done with the trainer kite, you will learn how to do a proper kite setup with a full size inflatable kite. And the session will continue in the water to get you familiar with first piloting.  You might even move on to body dragging at the end of your first day.

Session 2 kicks off with a refresh of what you have learnt on day 1. You’ll be mastering your body dragging skills until you get the required confidence. The sessions keeps going with the board starts, and you are expected to perform your first  downwind rides.

Session 3 starts with another recap, and everyone should be getting up on the board, trying some downwind riding. Before you complete the beginner program, you will be expected to perform some upwind riding. 

  • Only Private and Semi Private tuition

  • Tailor made sessions

  • Two way communication support between the coach and the rider for instant corrections and tips